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Submission Guidelines

NEW in 2020: All video submissions must now include SUBTITLES!

Requirements for Submissions

Accepted submissions will receive:

What is a drama? What is a comedy?

An exercise in theatrical pedantry! (This is satirical irony... maybe.)

A comedy has a light-hearted story that is meant to move the audience to laughter or smiling. This category includes parody and satire.

A drama is not necessarily more "serious" than a comedy, but the emotions of the story are meant to connect with or move the audience. The ending may be happy or sad, but the tone of the story must be sincere (i.e. it isn't making fun of the events within the story or its characters).

These guidelines are meant as an exercise in discernment and quality of material, as well as breadth of learning. If a submission does not meet the criteria for which it was submitted, this is grounds for disqualification.

To see examples of a drama and a comedy, created by our very own hosting graduate students, check out the winner's section here!

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